Huawei price drop

Bad news for Huawei P30 Pro

The purchase price of Huawei’s flagship P30 Pro, which was priced from $1599 as it started, has tumbled, with a few retailers significantly lowering the price that they are ready to pay customers for trade-ins.

UK socket musicMagpie is offering Huawei owners only $183 to exchange in a device considered to be in”good” condition.

Only weeks ago, customers could exchange Huawei’s phones for $513, based on Forbes.

Meanwhile, the P30 Pro’s most important competition, the Samsung 10+, which retails for $1548, can be traded for $936, which is substantially more than the newer telephone from Huawei.

Owners of Huawei P20 device are faring worse, with supplies as low as $137 for older phones.

Huawei’s consumer company CEO Richard Yu told CNBC, that they’re still dedicated to Microsoft Windows and Google Android, But if they can’t use this, Huawei will go with their program B to use their own OS.