Trendy Skincare Treatments

There are plenty of reasons to visit a dermatologist. Dealing with any skin problem can be overwhelming and confusing when deciding what approach to take to tackle your issue. There are a number of treatments available across all different types of dermatologist offices. Therefore, with the help of a Melbourne dermatology clinic, we have narrowed down the most popular skincare procedures to help you get a better understanding.

#1 Fillers

Fillers are associated with looking younger which is the underlying reason they are so highly requested. Fillers can smooth out wrinkles and folds, volumise furrows, improve uneven skin contour and plump the skin for an all-over healthy glow. It is a non-surgical treatment that can reshape the face. Having a consultation with a therapist is vital to asses if fillers are suitable and safe for your skin. Once wrinkles start to develop, the volume and firmness in your face begin to disappear and fillers may come into play. Fillers deliver immediate results that will last for up to 6 months and allow clients to resume their normal day to day activities instantly. This is again another reason why this procedure is so highly requested.

#2 Anti-Wrinkle Treatments 

Aging and wrinkles are inevitable at any age and are caused by continuous movement in the face. However, there are simple procedures in place that can help slow down the rate of aging and resist wrinkles from appearing. Anti-wrinkle injections can treat frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crows feet. The process involves relaxing the facial muscles and injecting where necessary. This treatment smooths out wrinkles and prevents further wrinkling. Injections are popular due to seeing results between three to seven days and can last, depending on each individual, up to 8 weeks. 

#3 Laser Treatments

Laser skin treatment can tackle a number of different problem areas and is why it is so popular. Laser skin rejuvenation lightly removes layers of skin in order to form new skin cells that are tighter and give a younger-looking appearance. It works through using wavelengths of light in response to the different colours on the skin to treat redness, brown marks and skin tightening. Different level settings can also achieve different types of results depending on the clients desired outcome or look.

#4 Acne Treatment  

Acne can reduce anyone’s confidence and is something everyone will experience at one stage of their life. Different levels of acne require a different type of solutions. For spot acne, there are simpler methods of resolution which include spot cream, oils and serums. However, when dealing with intense of inflamed acne, which a majority do, seeking treatment from a dermatologist is the way to go. Medication may not always deliver the results that you want, and therefore many turn to acne treatment. One type of treatment used is Kleresca. Kleresca is a high-intensity in-clinic light device that kills bacteria and promotes healing and tissue repair. This treatment requires two treatments per week for six weeks. Another option to tackle acne is through chemical peels, specifically salicylic acids, resorcinol and lactic acid. These peels help clean out pores and have anti-inflammatory effects that reduce redness. This method has proven results when working over a number of treatments and at home skin care products.