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Web Design for Businesses

The Internet brings visibility for people, places, and interests. While it is great to design a good-looking website, all the User Interface (UI) features must be interactive. Usually, web designers create custom designs and themes that can enhance the awareness of goods and services. If you were doing digital marketing for ceramic tiles or tile distribution, websites with eye-catching animation, design themes, text, and photos are preferred because they build a strong web presence.

These are a few tips that can attract potential buyers to your tiling business website.

What is the Goal of Building a Website?

Different reasons might inspire the need for commercial or private websites. For a building materials business, hire a developer to build a business website that can attract builders, property managers, engineers, and homeowners that need materials such as tiles to renovate their homes and offices. Usually, attractive websites generate more clients and prospective deals. Let your intent for building a business website be unique and not like other random online retail platforms. Also, owners of floor tiling businesses can get templates of professional business websites online. Don’t forget that the goal of a viable website is to personalise your space with some compelling business profile that makes customer acquisition easy.

Choose a Domain Name

By purchasing a custom domain name, your business website reflects all its essential features. The domain name should not confuse online visitors on the type of business that you do. Usually, domain names with suffixes like ‘dot com’ and ‘dot biz’ are used for commercial entities. However, you can confirm the availability of website names on popular domain name registrar like Wix, or GoDaddy. Also, a domain name is not similar to a subdomain name. These are typical examples of website domain and subdomain names; and

The Internet might be a wide web, but it’s a hub where secrets don’t exist. So, ask the web designer to check for any copyright infringement that involves your preferred domain name. You can get another top-level domain name that aligns with your goals.

Don’t Keep Your Audience Guessing

You should be strategic with your website’s homepage. Explain the aspects of your business and it’s products that your company offers. With the homepage, it’s easy to connect and share with potential clients. Usually, most visitors expect to see product display on the first page of business websites. The marketing of goods and services starts with the company’s mission statement. Don’t forget to make your business contact details (phone number, email and physical address) very clear on the homepage. 

Most customers don’t have the time to search webpages for contact details when the business is established. A professional email address looks like or 

Use Eye-Catching Elements

While graphic designers create a logo for the brand, developers should make business websites to be accessible from smartphones. A website builder like WordPress has many plugins, drag-and-drop interfaces, and tools that make a site to be very user-friendly. With the ease of navigation, online visitors can familiarise themselves with products and services on the tiling business website. Also, ask your creative experts to integrate elements that make an online platform’s interface to be very interactive.

Get Enough Website Traffic 

After registering a domain (or subdomain) name, a web host for the website can boost the visibility of your tiling business. Generally, the proper hosting providers have metric tools that show the website proximity to potential clients and target markets. By optimising your website’s performance, it will be easy to boost traffic. It’s vital to hire the services of an SEO (search engine optimisation) expert to help your website appear in leading search engines when people need tiling services. Visibility can be achieved by using the right keyword, title tags, content, and website map.