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How to track your personal items better using GPS services

Using many different GPS based SOS devices can help you to locate things and even people. Do you want to know how to keep track of everything that is important to you along with how to find lost items?

The family ties

There are times when you want to keep track of the family members and even friends. You can even let them know here you are this way. You can use your phones built-in GPS that combines with the find my phone app which can locate a person just on a map.
You will need a Google ID or an Apple ID for this depending on what type of phone you have. If you don’t want to share your ID there are other apps available from the store. The family located by the life 360 app helps you to locate each family member just on the app. You are able to make a circle on the app with family members and yourself and then you can put the location sharing on if you are using the app all the time. You can chat with others that are in your circle as a group or individually too. There are various other personal alarm systems for kids and for seniors that you can consider for their safety and security.

Track your pets

Did you know you can track your pets via a GPS? That’s right there are products like the Track safe Buddy dog collar that can help you to track your dog. You can create geofences on it so if your dog goes outside of the boundary it will send an automatic alert to you. There is a listening device that you can get with it so you can listen to surrounding noises if need be. Some of these are on a monthly subscription so check that out before signing up. The GPS is very small, and it just attaches to their collar and works in real-time on a map.

GPS location services

If you don’t want to give older kids a phone them, you can track them through apps. The elderly don’t know how to use mobile phones and panic when they make a sound. If your loved one is prone to wandering and you want to keep an eye on your teen’s location these work well and can be clipped on clothing or placed in a handbag. You can monitor their location on any browser and set up boundaries and be easily alerted via an SMS if they breach this area. The subscription fee will vary from item to item.

Find your stolen vehicle 

There are GPS devices that are meant for vehicles. You can access real-time tracking details and parking notifications, mileage details, 24 hr location history and over speeding alarms. There is also a built-in battery that will keep the GPS running even if the vehicle has been turned off.

Locating missing keys

We have all been in that pickle where we cannot find our keys, glasses, wallets etc don’t go searching high and low and run late for work instead you can use a Bluetooth tag tracker. They are very small and can stick to common items. If you lose these, you can simply use your phone and the app to send a signal to the tag alerting you of its location.

Keep everyone and everything safe with a GPS tracker they are small and discreet and very fair priced to protect everything around you.