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Facilities Management opportunities in the Melbourne market

Facility management is the organization role assumed by facility managers to oversee the smooth running of people’s life in commercial and residential properties and the maximization of productivity for the property owner. As a management occupation, the role puts the property manager in charge of people, space and the processes related to the built environment.

When it comes to commercial properties there are various means of enabling a property owner to earn profits for the long run. Be it having a lucrative business in the most viable property space or location, having the right people in the right place, having successful establishment close by to the property with whom alliances can be formed or can be something as simple as providing the property venue for hire with competitive rates and offers for various functioning, events and corporate meetings.

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Residential properties, however, function with a different outlook. Having the best of facilities within the private homes can help the property owner gain from his investment for the short and the long run. Facilities management helps ensure that the different functioning’s that happen around the house are in good accordance with what the property owner desires and what is profitable in the process. This includes all activities beginning from the maintenance of the house with regards to water chillers, plumbing, overall upkeep of the property to having the right people contracted for these jobs. This can have a huge impact on the house as the property rises In value and can have good returns in the future.


A facilities manager’s job description

As the one directly in charge of ensuring that the systems in a built environment run smoothly, a facilities manager may assume some or all of the following roles, depending on the employment agreement with the property owner:

  • Plan and budget for the management activities of the built environment.
  • Hire and supervise personnel contracted to offer maintenance, operations, ground, cleaning, and security services.
  • Formulate contracts, procedures, and policies that guide facilities management including supply processes, provision of communication and technology services, the terms of using the property space, and parking among others.
  • Ensuring that water, heating, sewerage, garbage disposal and air compressor services run smoothly.
  • Ensuring that government regulations related to safety and environmental conservation are adhered to.
  • Propose renovation projects when needed and budget and supervise the work.
  • Prepare annual reports and make recommendations to the property owner.

To be able to carry out the above job description, facilities managers must first find employment. We target Melbourne to explore work opportunities for facilities managers.

Do facilities managers have opportunities in Melbourne?

The coastal capital of the southeastern Australian State of Victoria in Melbourne. At the heart of this magnificent city is the Federation Square surrounded by a wide range of commercial and residential buildings. Key sites of the city are also the Melbourne Arts Precinct and the National Art Gallery of Victoria.

All these facilities add to the composure and beauty of the city. To be able to do that, however, facilities managers have the task of ensuring that the facilities in the city are managed and maintained in optimal conditions. This, in turn, ensures the good of the people living and working in these spaces and the maximum profitability of government and individual owners of the built environment. Be it for a corporate giant, government offices, public schools or having a conference venue set up in Melbourne, all these provisions require the expertise of a facilities manager to ensure the smooth functioning.

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If you surf the internet, you will find thousands of facilities management jobs listed in the numerous job listing sites such as,,,,, and among many others.

Job specifications listed in some the listings on these sites include managing relationships with tenants and service providers, oversee site operations, assisting with the maintenance of building facilities, managing the financial, operational, and logistic activities, and help in delivering on owner’s ambitious plans.

Qualifying for the opportunities

From the rich job descriptions for facilities managers, many employers expect them to have a certain level of experience and professional preparation. Some employers may require the basic high school diploma with related experience, others may ask for a bachelor’s degree in related areas such as engineering, while others may also want to work with facilities managers with postgraduate preparation. For example, the first listed job on on the day of writing this article required the successful candidate to have ‘a postgraduate qualification preferably in science’ among other qualifications. But most companies also prefer those who have 3-4 years of prior experience which is entirely dependent on the size of the project one is applying for.


Facilities managers seeking job opportunities in Melbourne are spoilt for choice. On their part, the job seekers will be required to provide professional service in the different areas listed in their job description.