Deck Cleaner

Save your Decking

For many, their back decking is their pride and joy. An immaculate looking deck will draw compliments and comments from anybody who visits your home. However maintaining your deck in pristine condition is a crucial part of owning a decking as they can succumb to damage through rain, hail, heat or general lack of care. To ensure your Deck avoids any such damage follow our selection of tips and tricks and your Deck will be looking tip top all year round!

Backyard decks are the perfect platform for a good time, but they also need proper sealing to protect them from the devastating effects of sun, rain and temperature fluctuations. While you can hire a deck contractor to seal backyard decks, many homeowners choose to do the work themselves, saving between $550 and $1,260.

Once you finish your deck the work isn’t finished yet, you need to ensure you do any sealing work to protect it. Start with one of our recommended deck sealers and follow our expert advice on how to seal decks to get the job done the first time round. Keep your deck new from season to season and not only looking good, but also make sure it is in good structural condition

If you have a brand new deck from treated wood it is best to keep it for a few weeks so that the deck can dry out and absorb the stain. The first step in the application of cover sealant is to ensure that you get at least two days dry weather with temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Celsius. To do this, one person has to apply the seal and another person has to spread out the puddle with a roller or a broom and process the finished wood.

When cleaning your deck the first step is to make sure you choose the appropriate deck cleaner, as decks made of wood require products other than composite decks. You can preserve your deck by choosing a clear wood preservation with grain, dark stains and a solid finish. No matter which color you choose, be sure to choose a product with UV protection to ward off water and mould. If you have planters of any kind next to your deck, make sure that dirt and water do not get caught in the bottom of the planter or on the surface of the wood. Keep your deck as good as you can so you can protect it all year round.    

Colour, whether latex or oil-based, protects against UV and moisture damage, but even the best covering colour does not last as long as sealants and stains. With persistent moisture from wood applications, paint is susceptible to bubbles and chips.

Something else you can use to help protect your decking is ceiling oil, Ceiling oil is designed to penetrate the surface and grain of the wood and protects the wooden decks. The most common brands of floorboard oils are thick and viscous and can penetrate the narrow grain of floorboards and wood, especially if they are new. Without a protective layer, exposure to extreme heat and cold can damage the surface of your wooden deck.

If you don’t take the necessary precautions with your decking then you can cause serious damage which will either be irreversible or costly to fix. If you follow the above recommendations you will ensure your beautiful decking stays that way, beautiful.