Beauty Treatment

What Is Laser Dermabrasion?

Laser dermabrasion is the modern technological procedure of removing blemishes, wrinkles, acne scars or folds in the skin. It uses the help of short direct light rays in certain areas of the skin to make it look perfect and flawless. This treatment is also known as laser vaporization. Laser dermabrasion is performed under the guidance of dermatologists or plastic surgeons who are trained in this field. In past years, there was no laser system in dermabrasion. Instead, the procedure used other devices that peel off the upper skin layers such as the wire brush, the diamond wheel, sterilized sandpaper, salt crystals, etc. This must be done in proper medical centres and local anaesthetic must be applied before the beginning of the procedure of skin removal. Minor risk factors include slight skin bleeding, small sores or coloration of the skin in some areas.

This is a 35 to a 45-minute procedure where the doctor will remove tissues or layers of the skins upper part to remove the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth region. Very few doctors are trained for this and not every medical unit provides the right equipment for the surgery. Although with the help of the laser light, the work has become efficient and causes lesser harm to the upper epidermis of the skin. It is a mechanically supported surgical process that is more or less, affordable and shows superior results at the same time. Nowadays the demand for laser dermabrasion has seemed to increase due to the want of people to maintain flawless skin or simply due to the increasing importance of getting rid of a scar. 

Types of Laser Dermabrasion

There are two different types of laser dermabrasion. One is with a minimum limit of carbon dioxide that is put to the skin in a very slight heat form so that the damage wears away in a week or two. The second process is the Erbium laser dermabrasion. In this process of resurfacing, there are few side effects like swelling and itching or redness, and even bruises may come but this process works best on those who have a darker skin shade.

Where to Start

Consult a doctor at the beginning of this treatment. To be more specific, surgeons with proper degrees of training and a minimum experience of working a year in this field, are elements to look out for to ensure your surgery is under good hands. 

Secondly, before starting the procedure, some tests must be conducted on your skin. This is in order to find out more information about your skin type and whether this treatment is applicable to your specific skin condition. It will also assess whether this treatment will give you the desired result that you are looking for.

Post Laser Dermabrasion 

It takes seven to thirty days on average for the skin to heal totally after a dermabrasion procedure. Any kind of medication or supplement is prohibited right after laser skin treatment. Medicines like aspirin and any kind of intake of vitamin-e can trigger breakouts in the facial region. 

Smoking must be stopped two weeks before the surgery and this must be continued up to the next two weeks after the surgery to make healing faster and better. Antibiotics if suggested by the doctor may be taken to prevent infections caused by bacteria.

The surgeon or doctor will give patients local anesthetic to make it a painless procedure. After it is done, the facial region will be covered with bandages to keep it safe from other bacteria. After that, you need to clean those areas that were worked on at least four to five times a day.