Adult using phone

Digital Transformation

Considering today’s world, especially the Y and Z generation, are known as not just the digital era but the digital era with a twist of innovation. You may come across so many new and improved gadgets belonging to a youngster who passes by you and wonder what its purpose is. Some may question it and some may criticise it. But at the end of the day, the fact that it left an impression is what serves to be.

Many up and coming digital companies have a proven tie up or a collaboration with companies that accessorize their product. People now not just want the core offering. They are in the never-ending hunt for the next new thing that would help them stand out in the crowd. For example, in the olden days, most phones came with phone chain accessories that could beautify the usage of the phone. Mostly attracting the high schoolers, these accessories were known to separate the ‘cool’ crowd from the ‘usual’ crowd. The trend setters received the recognition and the trend followers soon picked up fame. From then to now, the difference is all in the details. Soon came the business class segment of the population that needed these accessories for comfort and easy usage. This segment of the population mainly focussed on its utility rather than how they appear or appeal to others. For example, tablets and phones had a support stand behind them for the ease of usage and presentation during meetings or presentations. Many had a rubber surfaces for their phones for better phone grip during their busy routines. The feature of stylus then came into trend where note making was more on phones than the traditional notepads. This became the growing trend which was soon passed on to different age groups for various reasons.

Digital accessories

Now we have the era of pop sockets and additional lightings on the phone which serve the purpose of both ease of use and the ‘stand out’ feature. In this age of ‘selfies’, lighting becomes a very important requirement for most age groups, be it the teens or adults. An individual may be a working business woman who loves to share her experience of enjoying her cup of coffee during work on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Most don’t have the patience to walk around and find the perfect natural lighting that complements his or her skin tone or face features. Phone flashes can sometimes be slightly inconvenient and not produce the best of results. Hence the feature of additional lighting attached to a phone has been introduced and has now become the feature that is loved by all. It’s like a vanity mirror for your own phone to get that perfect celebrity shot and increase the fan following you currently have. And now to talk about pop sockets. Have you ever asked yourself, ‘what is that queer colourful thing standing out from his/her phone?’ That question goes around a lot now doesn’t it? It is more of an acquired taste to have a pop socket on your phone. It may be an additional part sticking out of your phone, however, its convenience surpasses its discomfort. Pop sockets are now increasingly used by different people who love the convenience of holding their phone with a pop socket on. You no more have to worry about your phone falling on your face when you use it in bed. You no more have to worry much about dropping your phone as the pop socket serves as your grip master. Watching videos has never been more convenient as the pop socket also serves to be a support to your phone when you place it on a table. So many benefits. Would love to have myself a pop socket now.

Seeing these changes from the era or wanting to own a cool phone, to now where phones are nothing without its accessories. We definitely have come a long way.