Maintaining Balance Between Work And Family – As A Realtor

Being a realtor is indeed a busy endeavour. No two days are the same amongst these hardworking professionals. It requires a lot of time researching the latest developments, conducting business meetings, and enhancing their knowledge regarding economic trends that could affect their business. It requires one to be at the top of their game. The catch is, when a client calls or a prospective buyer is ready to relocate, no matter what is going on at that moment, you are expected to drop everything. So, as a realtor, how do you maintain the perfect balance between work and family? Here are some guidelines in doing so:


Invest time


Investing time is a great tool to maintain balance. Initiate a day-off pattern to yourself so you can plan out your year in terms of how many days of the year you will allow for work, and the number of days you could go on a holiday or a long weekend away.


During average days of the week, make sure that you spend time with your family while you’re at home efficiently. Don’t do it in increments. Don’t be on the phone doing work while they’re right in front of you. If you are present, they will not feel that they are being deprived of attention or care. When it is crunch time at work, they will have faith in you as you have established a robust family-oriented foundation. They will understand that it is of utmost importance for you to give them time as often as you can. When you have time off work, go out of your way to engage in different and exciting activities, such as a treetop zipline adventure or visit the zoo.




Prioritise the importance of your family by letting them know when your job could get demanding. Through proper communication, your family can understand when you may have to go on client meetings until late at night, because that’s the only time they have while being tied up with their jobs. In this respect, your family won’t feel neglected.


As realtors, you don’t necessarily have a boss, so make a day for your own family. Take a day off to spend wholly with your family. Make sure nothing about work interferes with you from being present and in the moment. If there are emails that you need to attend to or unavoidable work commitments that need to be carried out, do so early in the morning while everybody is asleep. Create a strong bond with family outdoor team building activities as a means to enforce connections.

Designate tasks according to place


Create a distinction between the workplace and your home. Don’t bring work commitments home that will surely take time away from your family. All necessary tasks should be carried out in the office. Schedule trips to properties, meetings with clients, and contract signings, so you are organised. Besides the fact that it is the professional thing to do, it will prevent you from carrying out your roles at 50%.


Research when you can


When you have downtime in between buying and selling properties, and meetings, enhance your knowledge by attending seminars, conventions and significant realtor events. While a realtor doesn’t necessarily follow a routine, it is best to allocate time properly. Research on what the latest trend is in buying and selling properties. Spend time in talking to agents for connection and in searching for prospective buyers. Inspect the houses you are selling as part of your portfolio so that there are no surprises. Be well acquainted with what you’re putting out in the market. Meet up with lawyers regarding newly imposed laws around the business. And lastly, check out new properties forfeited by the bank to get hold of universal market prices and low-priced houses that are gems. When you are well-researched, time is managed well and efficiently. Therefore, you gain free time for your family.


Learn how to delegate


If you work for yourself, you could enlist the help of a partner or assistant. Select one that you think has the utmost potential to run the business without you present. This way, you have a shadow that you could entrust and rely on if you needed to go somewhere important. If there are clients that need to be shown around a property, you could delegate it to your partner.


It is quite a challenge to balance being the best realtor and being the best spouse or parent. Yet, it is undeniable that money is a means to survive. What comes first should always be family.