Who We Are

At Estoril, our objective is to connect more Australians, and we have much to be proud of and observe for the role we perform.

We’re curious, and we excel in imagination and imagination. We search for opportunities to challenge and change the way things are done.

We’re passionate about having an effect. We aspire to enhance the lives of our viewers and communities. That is our business.

We’re purposeful. We’ve got real pride in our work and take it, instead of ourselves, seriously.

We all play distinct roles, but our success is about connection and cooperation: with our viewers, our clients and our employees.

We understand the importance of ethics and trust. We wonder and debate frankly and do what is appropriate in each circumstance.

We are on an exciting journey at Estoril, and we’re also proud of our heritage of world-class journalism and entrepreneurial spirit. Our people are among the smartest and most talented in the industry across all digital platforms. They’re also enthusiastic about being associated with a company whose brands are at the core of Australian everyday life. So we’re always looking for giant, bold thinkers to redefine our future and bring great ideas to market.