Google maps on phone

Importance of Google maps

Why does everyone insist on getting your business online when all we ever hear is how unsafe the web is? If your business mainly depends on clients from different regions, then you need to be online where everyone is. It is important to optimise and maintain your directories quickly. The biggest player in this game is Google. If you have your listing set-up correctly and claimed then your business will show up to clients on google maps, google+ and google search. Google maps are more important for your business than you know and here is why:

Builds trust

Claiming a business online can build trust within the population. There are far and few between people who use the yellow pages now as everyone uses their mobile devices and the GPS alert system is customised accordingly. Businesses should consider listing in google maps especially is your business is serving the local area.  Information about your business will be available to the clients and this is so even if you don’t have a website yet. Business owners may not be able to afford the maintenance site not to mention the hours of work and that is when google maps are the next best thing.

Great for SEO purposes

Claiming a business with google maps is great and you are listing all the information about your business which means if you have a site there is a link there as well to direct traffic straight to your website.

SEO Growth

Google focuses on local searches first so the competition will be limited on google maps within the local area and not the whole city or state. Your business will have a better chance of getting within the top position of the search result page for your category and location.

Brings in the locals

The days of newspaper ads and phone books are gone. Now it’s all about a People especially the younger ones are all about their phones and electronic devices and most wouldn’t even know how to read a map as they simply use google maps now which helps as a personal alarm system whenever they need to reach a destination, avoid tolls, highways, etc. When people hear of you from word of mouth etc the first place they will try to find you is online. Using certain keywords means you will be found on google maps without the hassle.

Google maps

 Creating opportunities

The apps where businesses are listed online gives people the ability to offer suggestions and give feedback. Claiming a business online means you are leaving yourself open for customer feedback that can aid in improving your business.  Don’t worry about receiving negative comments as these can help you improve. Positive comments from customers are actually more important than any budgets for marketing can buy.

Increasing the brand’s visibility

If customers are hungry and they cannot decide what to order they can open google maps and type in food, restaurant, delivery or whatever food you are interested in. when doing so most times you will get different logos of the related businesses.

Avoiding misinformation

It isn’t just the competition that you need to be concerned about. When the business is at a new location it might as well not exist. The chances are if you are taking over a business that was owned beforehand and you have not claimed the businesspeople won’t see your info but the previous ads for the earlier business.

Google maps are just as important now as it has ever been. We are growing with technology and we need to ensure we are up to date. Advertising within the newspaper won’t get you seen by many but the internet and apps like google maps will get you seen by a huge audience.