Architecture tiles

Popularity of European tiles

Europeans were the first ones that invented the ceramic tile. The history of the ceramic tile and the way they are getting produced goes back centuries ago in Europe. The long tradition of creating the ceramic tile has allowed the manufacturers within the European countries like Turkey, Spain and Italy to produce the products with complete authenticity, which earned the respect of many.

The European tile manufacturers are leaders with using modern innovative technology. The use of their advanced technology can bring their products over the competition and around the world just by offering unique products. Some designs can be seen at the Cersaie Ceramic Tile Fair that occurs in Italy, which has set the benchmark for other people to follow.

Where can I buy quality European tiles that are affordable?

What a good question! Now, most tile shops cannot bring the prices of the European tiles down further. Many refused to stock them and will only order them in when a customer has completed their purchase for them. The good news is that you can buy them at a reasonable price at TFO where European tiles are offered for prices that people can afford. The TFO imports the quality tiles, all within the countries around the world in mind.

Time to make the most of the opportunity and buy the tiles that you love at affordable prices. You can choose from a wide range of Spanish and Italian glazed tiles and even the timber look tiles that are in trend at the moment.

The colour and patterns

Colourful murals, bright colours and the different textures are in this year. European tiles have come into play for more ideas rather than just floor tiles like feature walls and fancy headboards. The trend can also be seen in fireplace surrounds and backsplashes for those who want to branch out and be different.


The cement style

The classic hydraulic has a look that has come back in trend within the past few years. They were showing up on walls, floors and often found in electric bathrooms.

Beauty that is stone cold

You don’t need to invest in natural stone to enjoy pure beauty anymore. The European tile manufacturers have reproduced dramatic veining in porcelain that is very low maintenance. It can be used in large slabs for shower surrounds or countertops. In addition to the marble, you will also see more rustic stone styles for both interior and exterior design projects.

Wood inspirations

Wood is another material that is natural and works well in a rendered tile. It comes in matte, smooth, glossy and textured. While it isn’t a new trend, it has stayed on top still attracting new lovers to it each day. This type of tile looks good indoors and outdoors and works well in full bathrooms and even on the sides of glass walls. A wood-look tile is a popular choice for those who want the wood look but with lower maintenance.

Subway Tile Renewal

This type is an oldie but still very much a goodie. With a strong appeal to it, the subway tile is now out in bigger sizes. It is being installed in non-horizontal ways like vertical or herringbone. This tile looks great with dark grout to make the tiles stand out for an updated look.